Shara Worden Interview

On a sleeting Friday in November, My Brightest Diamond frontwoman Shara Worden took a moment to talk to me just prior to showtime at Chicago’s notorious Schubas Tavern. Before the interview, her tour manager approached me in the bar at the front of the club and inquired about what equipment I’d use. “Just a handheld,” I said. He nodded and disappeared, then returned a brief moment later and led me to Worden in the back. She seemed relaxed; perched delicately on a wooden bench in the empty, drafty hall. I suspect he’d asked about equipment to find out about photos, and when I saw her I was glad I’d no camera after all. Her eyes, not yet made up for the stage, were magnetic. They reflected great depth, yet maintained a playful resonance just at the surface, and makeup would have lessened that effect. I saw her thinking in there, and what she was thinking was sharp and I saw her feeling in there, and what she was feeling was kind. Duly smitten, I joined her on the bench less gracefully, checked our sound level and proceeded with the interview.

Read the entire Shara Worden Interview on Static Multimedia


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